Offshore B9 Energy Offshore Developments Ltd and Renewable Energy Systems Ltd were selected by the Crown Estate in June 2002 to assess the potential of the “Tunes” Plateau for an offshore wind farm. The feasibility studies that followed were intended to examine an area of ocean 5-10km off the north coast of Northern Ireland.

In view of the publication of the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) results by the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment and the opportunities identified therein for offshore wind energy around Northern Ireland, Renewable Energy Systems Ltd (RES) and B9 Energy Offshore Developments Ltd (B9 Energy) have agreed with The Crown Estate to make the project area at Tunes Plateau that they have been assessing for an offshore wind farm available to The Crown Estate for the future competition outlined in DETI’s draft Offshore Renewable Energy Strategic Action Plan. Ending the existing development arrangements will create a new potential project opportunity that could utilise both the original prescribed Tunes Plateau project area together with other adjacent areas identified through the SEA.

B9 Energy and RES will continue to work with The Crown Estate and DETI to explore all of the opportunities arising out of the SEA  and the draft DETI Plan for offshore renewable energy in Northern Ireland to ensure that the proposed 2020 targets (at least 600 MW from offshore wind energy and 300 MW from tidal energy) can be achieved.”

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