B9 Resource
B9 Resource was developed as an “in house” solution to meet the staffing needs of a growing industry in the renewables market.  The initial focus was to assist candidates with mechanical, electrical or hydraulic backgrounds, transfer their skills into the renewables market, by offering short term assignments gaining experience working on onshore wind farms.  In doing so, candidates are able to gain vital experience that can be the important stepping stone to a career in the renewables industry and also help B9 O&M Ltd achieve and exceed their clients objectives.
As B9 Resource progresses into its second season providing this service, it is already expanding and diversifying to supply quality and qualified labour solutions for the offshore market.
Whether you are a prospective candidate or client, we would be delighted to hear from you and help you or your business achieve its potential.
For further information, please contact Simon McIvor on 028 2826 3946 or 07564 051 772. Alternatively you can email on resourcing@b9energy.co.uk
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